ChromaScape hosts grand opening

Photo: Rick Downing/Soil & Mulch Producer News

ChromaScape, a specialty colorants and additives supplier for the wood mulch and other industries, this month hosted a plant tour to commemorate the grand opening of its new production facility in Stow, Ohio. The tour, which was held on February 1, showcased ChromaScape’s newest and largest facility to a crowd of the company’s mulch customers.

Photo: Rick Downing/Soil & Mulch Producer News

“We showed our investment in [research and development] and our commitment to promoting the highest quality standards,” said Ryan Stayanchi, vice president of operations.

ChromaScape said it opened the new facility as an investment to improve on its “already world class quality and service” to the wood mulch industry.

The event, which included tours of its manufacturing, distribution and lab facilities, was designed to demonstrate “the amount of detail and consideration ChromaScape puts into servicing all of our customers,” said Don Smith, plant manager. “We strive to retain a market leadership position and build upon strengthening customer confidence by providing products and services that are unmatched in the industry.”

Established in 1998, ChromaScape is a specialty colorants and additives supplier that formulates raw materials into dyes and dispersions for customers to incorporate into their products and unique applications.

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