A Homeowner’s Guide to Composting

A young gardener named Bella, from a kid’s gardening club, thought this composting resource guide would be a good thing to share. So here it is. Thank you, Bella. https://www.austinrealestate.com/homeowners-guide-to-composting.php

ALDI commits to recyclable, compostable packaging

By 2025, 100 percent of ALDI‘s packaging, including plastic packaging, will be reusable, recyclable or compostable, the company announced. ALDI said it also will reduce packaging material across its entire range by at least 15…

Human composting expected to become law this month

By Ken McEntee The Washington State House of Representatives this month passed legislation that would allow human remains to be composted into soil. SB5001, which also approved alkaline hydrolysis as a sustainable death care option,…