Maryland’s Hood College gets composting

Frederick News-Post

With the help of two students, Aramark dining services now has a contract to compost the food scraps left over from meal preparation at Hood College. Key City Compost, a Frederick, Md.-owned business, picks up the food waste each Thursday and takes it to a licensed commercial compost site in West Virginia, where the food is transformed into a usable soil amendment instead of being buried underground as trash.

Seniors Samuel Kebede and Callie Fishburn pushed the administration to adopt a compost initiative for the last two academic years, and the successful rollout this year has given credence to their goal of expanding it campus-wide.

Hood College signed a contract with Key City Compost to haul the waste at a minimal extra cost to the college. Much of the cost has been offset by a small reduction in the volume of trash in the school’s dumpsters.

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