St. Louis Composting sees green roof potential

St. Louis Composting, St. Louis Mo., has joined Skyland USA‘s official Rooflite blender network, expanding Skyland’s U.S. coverage to 19 regions. St. Louis Composting has provided organic composting services to the greater St. Louis area since 1992.

Rooflite, a provider of green roof media, recently identified St. Louis and the surrounding areas as a location in the country with a need for its green roof soil products and services. While the green roof industry is still relatively young, green roofs are well-established as a way to offer green space amenities to city residents and to help urban areas manage and mitigate a range of environmental and climate issues, including stormwater management, Skyland said.

St. Louis Composting is the region’s largest composter, handling 750,000 yards of green waste each year at its eight facilities. The organic compost is marketed throughout the region, creating a full recycling loop from yard waste to a usable end product. The company also offers a variety of engineered soils.

Patrick Geraty, president of St. Louis Composting, said green roofs are not typical in the St. Louis area yet, but he sees potential for the green roof industry in the coming years.

“Rooflite is the leader in green roof soil, and because they are so well-established, we are excited to come on board as a blender,” Geraty said. “We view green roofs as a growth market in our area, and we are already seeing the demand – we’ve just blended and shipped soil for our first rooflite project, a green roof installation at a major St. Louis venue.”

Rooflite has focused on expanding its blender network in both the U.S. and internationally in the last few years, and the addition of St. Louis Composting is critical to bringing its high-quality soil products to a new city, Skyland said.

“St. Louis, like a lot of urban areas, is looking for green infrastructure solutions for a variety of reasons, and we are happy to have an established, well-regarded company like St. Louis Composting as a new blender,” said Joe DiNorscia, president of Skyland. “We are happy that the region will now have local Rooflite experts to work with as the green roof market grows in the greater St. Louis area.”

St. Louis Composting joins a blender network of more than 20 strategic locations in the Americas. Each blender location provides Rooflite products that are regionally sourced, produced and shipped.

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