Kitchen waste piling up in Edmonton landfill

Truck working in landfill with birds in the sky

Canadian Public Broadcasting

Vegetable peels, egg shells and coffee grounds once made into useful compost at the Edmonton waste management center are instead piling up in a landfill. The city closed the composting facility in October 2017 because of a structural issue with the roof of the aeration hall.

The city’s waste services branch hasn’t released information about the amount of food waste sent to the landfill in the past four months, nor the amount of organics the facility processed in the same period the year before.

However, a waste management update presented to a city¬†committee in late February said in all of 2016 about 63,000 tonnes of organics were turned into compost, out of 135,000 tonnes collected. The city’s first step at realigning the waste management system is to cut¬†the curbside pick up of yard waste and grass clippings by September 2018. In two years, the city aims to have residents sort organics at home before sending them to the composting facility.

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