Alberta town adjusts compost services

In a move to enhance waste management services while managing costs, the town of Olds, Alberta said it is discontinuing its community grass bin services in 2024.  The decision was made to shift current costs to increasing and improving residential green bin services so residents would see a more direct benefit from dollars spent, the town said.

Since January 1, waste collection frequency has increased to a bi-weekly cycle. Residents now receive alternating blue and black bin pickups with weekly residential green bin pick up from April 1 to November 1.  Residential green bins offer a robust, effective and convenient way for households to manage compost and yard waste, the town said.

The community grass bins had been increasingly used by individuals and businesses not contributing financially to their maintenance, impacting the financial sustainability of the bins and placing an unfair cost on residents and a burden on town staff who deal with improper usage/dumping, the town said.  The green waste collected in Olds is used for agricultural purposes, so it must be protected from contamination.

“By reallocating resources to our residential green bin service, we’re optimizing our waste management operations and providing direct benefits to our residents,” said Adrian Pedro, director of infrastructure services. “Increased pickup frequency means less worry about yard waste and more focus on enjoying our community.”

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