Annapolis Compost expands

Annapolis Compost, Annapolis, Md., has expanded its food waste recycling business to the city of Crofton. Annapolis Compost started small two years ago, literally out of a Toyota Prius and now serves five areas around Annapolis and, now Crofton.

Customers receive a black, two gallon box to place on the counter in their kitchens and up to two, five gallon buckets with screw-top lids to be placed outside. When the counter box is full, the food scraps are then placed in the buckets. There are compostable bags in the counter box that keep odors out and the screw-top buckets prevents an issue with pests. The five gallon buckets are then picked up from homes once a week and a clean bucket is left in its place.

The company returns 20 to 25 pounds of soil back to its customers twice a year.

If a household doesn’t want its soil, it is donated to Grow Annapolis, a nonprofit community garden.

On average, customers produce 10 pounds of food waste a week.

Annapolis Compost takes food waste to Prince George’s County Organics Composting Facility. There the food waste is mixed with yard waste to create a more diverse, richer and more nutrient soil for plants. It takes three months to create soil from compost at the facility.

Read the full story at the Capital Gazette.

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