Compost Queen opens new headquarters

Compost Queen

Compost Queen, Fort Collins, Colorado, an advocate for sustainable waste management, announced the grand opening of its newest facility and headquarters in Fort Collins, the home of Back Gate Farm. This opening marks Compost Queen’s fourth Fort Collins location and is a significant step forward in the its mission to provide local composting solutions for the Northern Colorado community, the company said.

With a focus on education, innovation and community engagement, Compost Queen aims to create a future where composting is seamlessly integrated into daily life, powering the circular economy and closing the carbon cycle.

The new headquarters aligns with recent updates in Colorado laws for conditionally exempt small quantity facilities for food waste. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including the covered aerated static pile technology from Sustainable Generations, the facility can efficiently process organic waste while controlling odors and producing high-quality soil amendments, Compost Queen said. This expanded capacity enables Compost Queen to serve both residential and commercial accounts, furthering its impact in waste diversion and environmental sustainability.

The new facility is expected to divert more than 700 tons of material annually from landfills. The development of the facility was made possible in part by a grant from the Front Range Waste Diversion program

“This facility represents a significant investment in sustainable waste management and underscores our commitment to serving the community while protecting the environment,” said Jamie Blanchard-Poling, founder and chief queen officer of Compost Queen.

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