Product news: Freestate Farms relies on Vermeer trommel screens

Freestate Farms, Manassas, Va., invested in its fourth Vermeer TR626 trommel a couple of years ago and is anticipating adding another soon. The story is told in Vermeer’s lastest video:

“When we’re thinking about adding a machine, we look at the purchase price and production rates. We’ve always found that this Vermeer trommel produces more per hour than any other machine in its price range,” said Jeffery Morton, operations manager for Freestate Farms.

Freestate Farms took over operations at the Ball Ford Road Composting Facility back in 2015, but the newly formed business brought many decades of composting experience with them. Currently, the operation takes in yard waste from approximately 150,000 households and 8,000 local businesses in the Manassas area.

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