Midwest Bio-Systems introduces new Aeromaster turner

Midwest Bio-Systems, Tampico, Illinois, has introduced the Aeromaster PT-170X pull-type compost windrow turner. The company said the reduction in maintenance costs and increased production of the machine will pay for the purchase in five years.

The choice of compost turner size is frequently influenced by limited space considerations, as customers aim to meet volume goals within a smaller-than-ideal area for their compost site, Midwest-Biosystems said. Another key determinant in selecting the turner size is the balance between labor constraints and the target of achieving the maximum tons with the least amount of labor. Opting for larger turners is often driven by the convenience of a truck being able to unload feedstocks while moving forward to create a windrow. Subsequently, the turner requires minimal loader work to shape the windrows before the initial compost turning process.

“With its forward-thinking design, the operator can aerate, blend and incorporate water and inoculants in a single pass,” said Edwin Blosser, owner of Midwest Bio-Systems. “The PT-170X is constructed with a straightforward design using heavy-duty components to optimize machine longevity while minimizing maintenance. The drum features a belt drive powered by a PTO driveline, effectively cushioning metal fatigue and extending the equipment’s usability much longer with minimal to no wear on the drivetrain.”

Ensuring driveline safety, the auto trip PTO driveline disengages in the presence of excess stress, the company said. Upon the drive train ceasing to turn the clutch resets, enabling an immediate restart of turning. The retractable drum can be hydraulically lifted out of the windrow within seconds at any moment, facilitating the inspection of the windrow’s internal profile or allowing an exit from the windrow for any reason. Switching to the transport position readies the PT-170X for towing down the road to the next location.

Visit midwestbiosystems.com.

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